Why Bags Never Let You Down

For the ladies here at Fusspotts, bags are the ultimate accessory. We always treat ourselves
to a little in-store fashion show when a new lot of pre-loved designer handbags come in,
and we might even go so far as saying that we love handbags more than shoes (we can hear
you gasping from here!). Bags just never let you down: you can change your hair colour, put
on weight, lose weight or get wrinkles, and your bag will keep you feeling as amazing as you
look. Bags don’t care about size, shape or weight – they are just about making you happy!

In handbags we trust
We probably all have that one handbag that we absolutely love and would never ever get
rid of, even if it fell apart at the seams. Perhaps it’s a beautiful designer number that you
bought with your first paycheck or a vintage purse that was handed down to you from your
grandmother. Whether it’s got sentimental value or you just love the way it makes you feel,
you know that your favourite handbag will be with you for life and will never let you down.

Why choose just one?
Now, ladies, let’s be honest: who has just one handbag? We certainly don’t! We love the
fact that we can keep our favourite pieces while updating our collection with gorgeous
gently used bags for every occasion that make us feel utterly fabulous when we wear them.
Whether you prefer Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Moncler, Prada or Christian Dior, your bags will
see you through every part of life – from acing that work meeting and grabbing coffee with
friends to going out for dinner and getting glammed up for a night out with the girls.
Choosing a handbag is all about what we call ‘the click’. This is when you walk into a store,
see a dream bag that you never knew you needed shining out at you from among the other
bags, and – click! – you have to have it. You try, but you simply cannot tear yourself away
from it. This is why buying pre-loved designer handbags is such a fantastic idea, because you
can find rare or unique bags that are no longer available from designers, for a fraction of the
original cost. So, not only is your new bag utterly perfect, but it is also a guilt-free purchase.
And, because you’re not paying full designer prices, you can start to build up a pre-loved bag
collection with a piece for every occasion, mood, season or even day of the week if you like!
Treat yourself to a pre-loved bag (or two!)

Come on into the Fusspotts store in Oxted and choose your next forever bag from our
gorgeous collection of pre-loved designer handbags. Every day is ‘bag day’ at Fusspotts, but,
on Saturdays, we hold special bag events where you can bring in your unloved bag and swap
it for a lovely pre-loved purse, clutch or tote. So come and say hi – you know you want to…

Sarah Milsom