New year, new knockout wardrobe

Hello lovely ladies. I’ve got a bit of confession to make. January is nearly over and I haven’t really stuck to my new year’s resolutions. A little fizz is just a must when there are so many mad, sparkly ladies having fun in the Fusspotts shop, so I may have had a few naughty tipples. I also told my husband that he would stop finding pre-loved designer goodies in our fridge, but they still seem to magic themselves into it. I can’t imagine how they get there…

Anyway, I’ve come up with a better plan for the new year. Much more fun and easier to stick to. Something that all you beautiful Fusspotters can join in with. If, like me, you get bored of the same look easily, then let’s mix things up. Pop into Fusspotts, try on some bits that you wouldn’t normally go for, and make sure you nab anything you love before someone else does! I can always count on my fellow Fusspotters to do some catwalking with me if I need a second opinion, so you could come away with a perfect unexpected look.

YSL Bag.jpg

Calling all rock chicks

If you usually go for shimmers and sparkles at weekends, change things up with some rock chick studs. Perfect your kick-ass look with a black leather bag (we had the most gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent soft leather shoulder bag in recently), or throw on a sultry leather jacket to really turn heads. Just add some tousles to your hair, a slick of eyeliner and dark lipstick.



The bank of Fusspotts

We love picking out the perfect clothes, bags and shoes for the ladies who pop in to see us. Our cosy store is an Aladdin’s Cave where our customers can get lost in pre-loved gems for hours! You can also clear out your own cave of wonders at home and make money for your new outfit by bringing in pre-loved designer treasures that you just don’t love anymore. If you have a designer bag, pair of shoes or item of clothing that you haven’t worn for a year, bring it in and let us sell it for you. Some of our regular Fusspotters do this each year to sell off last year’s designer items, keeping credit in the ‘bank of Fusspotts’ so that they can spend it next time they spot the makings of a beautiful new look they just have to try.

Look good, do good

Being environmentally friendly is important to us and our customers, and turning over your wardrobe with gently used designer pieces is a fabulous alternative to buying clothes new. Oh look, that’s another new year’s promise you can add to the list: being more eco-friendly!

We’ll see you in our snug Oxted shop soon. There may not be fizz (I think the ladies exhausted local stocks over Christmas), but there will be lots of gorgeous pre-loved designer pieces to try for a style revamp. Remember, bring an item in and get credit to buy another!

Sarah Milsom