Strut Into Spring (When It Arrives!) With Pre-Loved Designer Fashion

Hello Fusspotters. Do come in from the cold – it’s warm and cosy in our snug Oxted store. Forget about the fact that it’s -5° outside and pop in to try a beautiful new summer look. It may not feel like it at the moment, but spring really is on its way, and we’ve got the perfect pre-loved spring/summer designer goodies to get you in the mood for fabulous summer fun. I must admit, I was a bit miffed when this cold snap arrived because I’d had my eye on some unbelievably gorgeous Givenchy sunglasses and thought I’d use the lovely spring weather as an excuse to nab them. But, ladies, the sun’s still shining, so it looks like luck is on my side…

Dream of brighter days!

Our spring/summer collection is bright, colourful and full of pre-loved designer pieces with bags of personality. We have everything you could possibly need to find a perfect summer look – bang-on- trend Hermès silk scarves, gorgeously vibrant dresses from Emilio Pucci, stunning sunglasses from designers like Gucci and Givenchy (get them before I pocket them!), and a lovely collection of handbags from Mulberry, Prada and Alexander Wang. So, come on in and have a play around with our delightful pre-loved spring/summer pieces to transport yourself to warmer days. The Fusspotts ladies love a good fashion show, so feel free to try on as many outfits as you like until you find that perfect summer goddess look.


Fabulous looks for special occasions

All the best events and occasions take place in spring and summer, when you can enjoy the sunshine with great company and a nice, cold glass of bubbly fizzing away in your hand. If you’re looking for a mother-of- the-bride outfit or a beautiful hat and dress for Ascot, we will help you find pre-loved designer pieces to make you look truly amazing on the special day. We love an excuse to play with our summer formalwear items, and you’ll be spoilt for choice with all the designer dresses we have for you to try on. You may even be tempted by some of our delectable summer accessories, such as some lush Christian Louboutin heels. Or, perhaps you have a pre-loved designer piece to sell – if so, feel free to pop in and show it to us. At this time of year, we’re looking for well-presented spring/summer pieces, such as sunglasses, handbags, shoes, dresses, light scarves and summer hats. Please also bring any provenance with you. The friendly Fusspotts ladies will let you know if we can take the item to sell and, if so, we will agree on the amount that you will receive if one of our lovely customers buys it! Find out more about how selling through our dress agency works here. So, come on ladies – pop into our Oxted store and say hello. If we all strut around in fab pre-loved designer summer clothes, then perhaps we can persuade spring to finally arrive…

Sarah Milsom