How To Be A Queen Of Pre-Loved Designer Shopping

We all have that friend who manages to uncover the most amazing clothes from pre-loved designer stores. She always looks stylish and seems to have a different outfit or quirky accessory every time you see her. And it always suits her perfectly. She is the Queen of Pre-Loved Designer Shopping, and everyone wishes they had her majestic shopping prowess!

Well, at Fusspotts, we meet loads of ladies who would be worthy of the pre-loved crown, and we also know a thing or two about snapping up hidden gems ourselves – so we’re founts of knowledge when it comes to finding those perfect-for-you items within the shelves of beautiful clothes. Here are four tips to help you snatch the Pre-Loved Designer Shopping Queen title from your immaculately dressed friend.

1. Find an outlet you love (and trust)

If you find a pre-loved designer store that you love, stick with it. The staff will get to know your taste and personality, and this will mean that they can keep you in mind when certain pieces come in. This is really handy if you don’t want to rummage. Also, find a shop that cares about the authenticity of its pre-loved designer items – you should be able to talk to them about authentication and feel confident that they know their items inside out.

2. Shop regularly

The secret to snapping up those precious finds is to visit your favourite pre-loved designer store regularly to see what’s new. The nature of designer dress agencies means that clothes and accessories come and go quickly, so if you don’t see something that you love today, you may find the perfect pre-loved Gucci purse or pair of Christian Louboutin shoes tomorrow.

3. Try everything that catches your eye

Our favourite Fusspotts ladies are those who try on clothes that they wouldn’t normally go for and end up loving them! Sometimes you just can’t tell whether a dress or coat is going to suit you until you’re wearing it. So, don’t let anything slip through the net – always try it on.

4. Once you’ve loved it enough, sell it on

The wonderful thing about the world of pre-loved designer fashion is that, if you don’t love an item anymore, you can sell it back to the dress agency (if it’s still in great condition) and use the money to buy something you do love. Turning the wardrobe in this way is a really popular technique among pre-loved designer shopping queens. Of course, some of them may just have rooms and rooms full of pre-loved designer clothes and accessories…

Ok ladies, do you feel ready to take the crown? Then come and visit us at Fusspotts. Our cosy Oxted store is bursting with gorgeous high-end pre-loved treasures just waiting to be discovered by you. Before you know it, you’ll be one of our regular Fusspotts queens that always looks stylish in unusual and exciting designer pieces! See you soon.

Sarah Milsom