Buy Second-Hand Designer Bags for Less from Fusspotts

Ladies. When you are on the lookout for a gorgeous, ‘one-of-a-kind’ handbag that perfectly reflects your style and makes you feel truly wonderful – but that doesn’t break the bank – then it has to be pre-loved designer. Whether you need a statement handbag that will turn heads at a special event you have coming up, are looking to add to your stunning designer handbag collection, or simply want to find something different to add glamour to your day, then there are many benefits of buying second-hand luxury handbags over new designer options. At Fusspotts, pre-loved designer fashion is our business. Here’s why we love it.

Designer handbags without the price tag

We all lust over the latest Gucci, Burberry, Prada, Louis Vuitton or Mulberry ranges, but with second-hand you can get more from your favourite labels. While new designer clothing and accessories are fabulous, their price tags can be up to 30 per cent more than those of our impeccable second-hand luxury handbags at Fusspotts. This either means that, when you buy pre-loved, you can get a like-new designer handbag for less, or (if you think in the same way as us) you can treat yourself to a few designer bags without feeling guilty!


Chanel black leather handbag £1400.jpg

Something special

The beauty of purchasing gently used designer handbags, rather than buying them new, is that you never know what you’re going to find.

While top designers might release a range of new handbags with each season, pre-loved fashion shops like Fusspotts are treasure troves for vintage gems and rare pieces from past designer collections. You could go home with a one-in-a-million piece that you weren’t even expecting to find – what’s more special than that?

Handbags that look as good as new

The pre-loved handbags we sell at Fusspotts are always in immaculate condition, and have often either been worn just once or not at all. The owner might have simply realised that they already own a similar handbag, or that the style isn’t quite in keeping with their personality, and passed the piece to us so that we can sell it on to someone who will love it. We only accept handbags that look amazing and are in excellent condition, so that, when you wear your gorgeous Louis Vuitton or Prada handbag around your friends or colleagues, they will not be able to tell that it has been gently used before coming into your possession.

Pop in and say hello

We adore pre-loved designer fashion here at Fusspotts. You can probably tell: after all, we have made it our business for the past 35 years! If you are looking for that perfect handbag to set off a special outfit, or an everyday piece that will be the envy of everybody in the office, then pop into our Fusspotts shop in Oxted – we’d be delighted to show you our gorgeous handbags. Or, if you have a question about pre-loved fashion, then feel free to call us.

Sarah Milsom